PAR is committed to safety, health and environmental regulations. It is our goal to complete all projects in an efficient, productive manner that incorporates safe work processes and strong safety awareness.

PAR crews often work under unusual and challenging situations. That’s why PAR places the highest importance on the safety and health of our employees. We develop innovative work methods that maximize safety and efficiency. Our reputation for technical sophistication and safety practices help attract the best people available, a dynamic that nourishes our technical advancements.

In addition to our innovation, we have policies against unsafe acts that ensure all crewmembers understand the importance of safety—for them and their loved ones.

Ultimately, achieving Zero Accidents is the most important objective in our work culture.

Environmental Policy

PAR recognizes the importance of protecting our nation’s resources in all operations and business we conduct. For this reason, PAR is committed to ensuring that all employees, subcontractors, and subconsultants are good corporate citizens and neighbors. In order to realize this, PAR is committed to the following measures.

  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local environmental regulations
  • Promoting business activities and operations that minimize impacts to sensitive environmental resources
  • Ensuring that proper and appropriate environmental training is taking place for all employees, subcontractors, and subconsultants.
  • Fostering a corporate culture that values environmental sustainability
  • Working with our customers to find ways to promote sustainable methods

These principal guidelines, coupled with PAR’s commitment for continuous improvement and prevention of environmental impacts, outline PAR’s goal to be good corporate stewards of the environment. Currently, because of PAR’s commitment to sustaining the environment, we are currently looking to the future and have implemented methods that reduce our carbon footprint. PAR is currently implementing policies that include but are not limited to:

  • Continuous assessment of our fleet and measures that promote reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promoting water and energy saving methods at our leased and owned facilities
  • Assessment and reduction of waste streams
  • Communicating with our clients to find ways within projects to minimize environmental impacts


For questions or information regarding PAR’s Department of Transportation policies and procedures, please contact the DOT department at (816) 691-4204.