PAR restores power in Texas after Hurricane Harvey
and in Florida after Hurricane Irma

PAR’s relief efforts after Hurricane Irma

September 28, 2017

Florida — Shortly after their work in Texas, PAR crews traveled to Florida to help with power restoration. With 500 pieces of equipment, 467 linemen came from California, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Illinois to continue emergency relief efforts.

Hitting Florida as a Category 3 storm, Hurricane Irma made landfall on the Florida Keys on September 10 and worked its way up the west coast. Blacking out more than 60 percent of the state, Irma left 6.2 million Florida homes without power (source: CNBC).

PAR set new poles, repaired damaged poles and installed new distribution power lines, replaced transformers and reconnected service to homes and businesses.

A couple located on Florida State Route A1A, the Enclave, recalled clearing their entrance of fallen and twisted palms when “a wonderful sight occurred: to our north, a small convoy of linemen trucks with PAR Electric, KC, MO, on their doors arrived.”

“Crews immediately set up and went to work! They knew what they were doing,” said an Amelia Island, Florida, resident. “My wife is from northwest Missouri, and she knew instinctively we were in good hands.”

The resident explained that he and his wife had lost electricity at 2 a.m. on September 11, and thanks to PAR, it was restored by 4 p.m. the next day, September 12.

“Our true thanks to every one of your crews who sacrificed their time and energy to restore electrical service,” he said. “On behalf of all the residents of the Enclave — many, many thanks!”

A woman from Sumter County, Florida, applauded the linemen for their professionalism, kindness, patience and courteousness, despite the hard labor and the repetitive inquiries from worried residents about when they would have power.

“They left their families and their homes to come down here and work under nasty conditions. God bless them and their families, as I know it is not easy to have a loved one leave and not know if they will be safe,” she said. “These guys are the real heroes. The only thing we can say is thank you. It doesn’t seem enough, but it is meant from the bottom of our hearts.”

After nearly two weeks of electrical repair, with power restored to all of the homes and businesses that could be restored, PAR completed its emergency restoration work in Florida, and crews returned home.

Florida students thank PAR for restoring power

PAR assisted in reconstruction after Hurricane Harvey

September 15, 2017

Houston, Texas — PAR Electrical Contractors, Inc., a Quanta Services company (NYSE:PWR), sent crews from Kansas, Missouri and Illinois beginning August 25 to join in electrical reconstruction after Hurricane Harvey caused more than 300,000 power outages across south Texas (source: Data Fusion Solutions).

One hundred eighty-eight men have been working 16-hour days for 22 days and counting, resetting poles and repairing power lines.

“After several days of no power, the utility announced they estimated power to be restored in about two weeks,” said a Refugio, Texas, resident. Once PAR was on the scene, “we had power the next day.”

PAR is equipped to respond to storm restoration requests 24 hours a day, and arrived in Houston, Texas, to help with the aftermath of Harvey, 12 hours after the tropical storm cleared.

Several Texas residents reached out to PAR employees to express their thanks. “The gentlemen worked tirelessly all day today getting our power restored,” a Houston resident posted to Facebook. “We are so grateful for your service and willingness to leave your families to help others in need. We are eternally grateful.”

Another said that she was proud to share that PAR restored power to her home. “While I did not sustain much damage at my home, I did lose power for six days,” said a Corpus Christi, Texas, resident. “Thank you for allowing your employees to come to our aid. I know they left their family to help us.”

Just days after Harvey, PAR crews immediately headed to Florida, two days before Hurricane Irma hit, to help with power restoration. With 500 pieces of equipment, 467 men came from Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Illinois to continue emergency relief efforts.

PAR works to repair hurricane-damaged power lines in Texas