Substation / Switching Station

PAR has the experience and resources to complete all facets of substation engineering, from site preparation through energizing. We are skilled in control wiring, equipment testing, bus welding and other facets of substation work. We also have performed design/build turnkey projects for 69 kV to 230 kV substations.

Engineering Services:

  • Power studies and modeling
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Control functions
  • Design schematics
  • Profile and sectionals
  • Construction mapping

Equipment Specifications:

  • Power Generators
  • Power and Grounding Transformers
  • Switching Equipment & Major Components
  • Power Circuit Breakers
  • Metal Clad Switchgear
  • Reclosers and Sectionalizers
  • Capacitors and Voltage Regulators
  • Protection and Automation
  • SCADA Control, RTUs, Remote Metering and Monitoring
  • Bus Systems
  • Grounding Grids
  • Raceway Systems
  • Structural Control Buildings and Foundations